Care & Maintenance

Maintenance / Instructions for Cleansing Stones

All Crystals and Gemstones need to be Cleansed and Cleared for the highest and best result in the energy they carry. Charging your stones is also highly recommended when it is possible and very simple to do. There are so many ways to cleanse, clear and charge your crystals and gemstones and I will name a few of my favorite ways.


#1 By Intention - Is the simplest and fastest way to cleanse a stone.

#2 Smudging - Simply hold your crystal or gemstone over the smoke with the purpose of cleansing and clearing the stone.

#3 A bowl of Brown Rice - Submerge your crystal in the rice for 24 hours to cleanse and clear.

#4 Sunlight - The Sun is a wonderful way to charge your crystals. Be careful with stones that may fade in the sunlight. Certain shapes of stones may amplify the sun's rays and start a fire ( i.e. Spheres and Pyramids in Quartz).

#5 Sound Bath - Using Vibrational instruments such as a ting sha, chimes or crystal bowls to deliver a beautiful resonance to the crystal will clear them.

#6 Moonlight - all moonlight works but Full moons and New moons are particularly powerful times to set your pieces out. They do not need to necessarily be outside, a window sill will work just fine.

#7 Selenite and other crystals that charges, cleanses and clears - Selenite is by far my favorite way to cleanse and clear my pieces as I have a piece in my jewelry box and lay my pieces on it when I am not wearing them. Selenite is a deep cleanser clearing crystal of all Crystals and is the Crystal that started my journey on the path of Crystal Designer as it was at the root of my awakening.


As for the metals I use in my designs -

Sterling Silver can be cleaned with a polishing cloth.

Stainless steel can be cleaned with a polishing cloth.

Titanium can be polished with a polishing cloth.

All the other metals I use in my designs are a Copper Base (copper is the best conductor of energy). The wire on the pendants is coated with either Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Antique Brass, Antique Copper, Black or Copper.

All pendant wires do have an additional protective coating to make them more resistant. The chains unfortunately do not have that protective coating and depending on your body's oils may fade with time.

Additional Chains can be purchased A La Carte in desired length and gauge for a minimal cost.